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Thousands of years ago no one had ever imagined that communication with friends, relatives or other people we know would be so easy. They never thought that a time will ever come when they would be able to talk with them without visiting or writing to them and waiting for days for a reply. But there was a person who believed in proving that thought wrong and changing it into reality, who wanted to make it possible and ended by making a telephone. He was Alexander Graham Bell, a well-known person to all of us. Also when no one thought of electricity, Benjamin Franklin did.  People at that time might have felt the need of it but no one thought that it could be made possible.

If one observes carefully the common thing in the legends, then the first and the most important thing is a illusion to be created in mind, a belief that it can exist and the last thing is passion, to change that belief into believe. If one wants then Everything is possible, it just needs a person who believes in its possibility, not in the struggle it will require to achieve it.

Many times it happens that while moving smoothly towards our goals, we feel like giving up just because it’s not happening because we are not able to achieve it or because of the obstacles in the path, but why do we forget at that time that there has been no path without stones and they are incomplete without them.Never forget that if success is the destination, failure is the path to it. Keep going irrespective of the struggles you have to face just remember that even the word impossible says i’m possible. Its on us how we read it and understand it.

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  1. yes ….its true that everything is possible…..rightly descripted…very good efforts …..awsum …keep it up…🖎👈👏…….☺🙂👌


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