Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain. After a rain will come a rainbow, which will be the sign of  sun-That is brightness, the light which will finish of all the darkness from your life and which will clear all the dust from your path, from your success making it visible. All you have to do is just face that storm strongly because that will only be the time when your future will be decided on your own decisions. If you succeeded  in facing that storm of your life, you will succeed in making your dreams a reality but if you failed and gave up you will FAIL in making your dreams a reality. Because that STORM will be TURNING POINT of your life.

Just imagine how difficult it is for a plant which grows on cemented land or in a place which is affected due to droughts, where there is no water for it to grow but it grows, it doesn’t give up. It just seems impossible for it, but it makes it possible, if a plant can make it possible why can’t we? Even that plant didn’t gave up so, why should we? If you really want to achieve something, your heart should be strong there should be a desire in you to achieve it. And then no one would be able to extirpate you. But it does not means that by having a desire you will achieve it you have to work upon it, you have to struggle for it. Nothing has been accomplished in this world without desire and no desire has been accomplished without struggle.

Many times a person gives up just because she/he thinks that what the people will say if I fail or fail again. Remember people will say what they have to, just do what you want to at that time just try to remember why you started, ask yourself whether you would ever be able live without it? will you not regret at your present decision in your future? if no then it would mean that since long you were wasting your time on something you never meant but if yes then understand it that this thing is a part of life a part of your survival. And remember if once you will succeed people will only praise you, they will forget your past because the secret to success is never giving up as victory is around the corner.

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. –  Jack Ma 

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