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On hearing the word ‘art’ many people think of a piece of finely painted picture kept in a museum or a gallery, but there is so much more to art than this. Art always doesn’t mean a finely painted picture kept in a museum or a gallery. It can be something very much different from what we can think of. Art has a universal language. It can speak everything without saying anything. It’s unique in its own way. The truth is without being aware of it, we are surrounded by art. In fact we use it on continual basis but many of us do not realize it. The painting on the wall at our houses, the patterned quilt and even our designed clothes are a form of art. While art may not be vital to fulfill our basic needs it does bring joy to us. When you look at the painting you chose to hang on the wall of your house you feel happy. This shows how art is in our life.

Art is some form or another that has existed as long as man. It has played the most important role in understanding the people who lived thousand years ago and to learn the history of mankind which can be clearly seen on the walls of ancient caves. Art has a great influence on our soul, feelings,mood and even moral values. It enriches our inner soul. Everybody in spite of age and occupation understands what is said by the painter. Even the sky, the land and the nature is inspired by art. Art is everywhere influencing us on daily basis whether we realize it or not. It creates our notion about beauty. It can affect us in a positive way making us feel happier, calmer and even inspired to do something. Wherever one goes art is evident, it’s infinite. It has it’s own way yo express feelings. We may not realize it but we are immersed in the power of art.



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