An ant falls fifty times and stands fifty times. Till it doesn’t reaches it’s destination it doesn’t stops, because it knows  that Giving Up IS Not The Solution.  Fall fifty times but, rise fifty + 1 times.

Just because of one failure we start thinking that we are worth of nothing and that ant even falling after  fifty times does not give up. We all know that the road to success is difficult, we know that success doesn’t come at once there is more  failure in life than success, we  know that it  takes time to achieve success yet we don’t understand it. It is understood that when we will do something we have chances to fail, we know that there are more chances to fail success is not permanent, we know this  yet we regret our failure. The road to success is definitely difficult but, giving up is not the solution. What happens if  you didn’t succeeded this time , it doesn’t mean that you have got nothing , you have got something very  important that is ‘experience‘ either good or bad,but you have got an experience never forget that “success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences (said by Sandeep Maheshwari)”. Success is not a destination its a journey. You were not a born winner, you were not a born loserYou are what you make yourself be.                                                                                         

Never think that you can’t do anything just remember  you can do everything, just if you want to. Many people start cursing their life as the reason of their failure. They start comparing their life with other people, they feel that there is no struggle in other’s life, without knowing anything they make an opinion in their mind they forget that, everyone have their own struggle in life,the difference is that some hide it and some overcome it. Learn to overcome not to hide because, it  tends to rain the hardest only on the people who deserves the sun.

Life is not to meant to be cursed but to be enjoyed and to be lived happily. Sometimes it may seem to be like an ocean full of tides where we are the sailors. Where we think, that why the ocean is not silent ? It’s because God wants you to be the best as A smooth  ocean  never made a skilled sailor. If the ocean  would be silent, one may be able to sail happily but it’s a universal fact that oceans have waves and even tides and they would definitely come, only if the sailor would be skilled he would be able to overcome the situation but if the sailor would have never seen such situations how would he be able to overcome them, he even would not be able to face them. Just try to remember when you tried doing something new (anything like to read or write or anything which you did first time and it seemed difficult) for the first time, how difficult it seemed to be, but it was not. When you started  it wasn’t as difficult as you thought it to be. Never give up without  even trying something just give it a try, because what if you succeed.  Never forget that if God pushes you the edge two thinks can happen either he will catch you when you fall or he will teach you how to FLY.

Thinking about the things that happened in past is foolish. Just forget the past, live in the present and plan for the future because its not the future that you are afraid of its the repeating past that makes you anxious. Don’t be afraid of anything remember that Fear has two meanings : Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. Never think what others think about your failure dont let the thinking of other people be your limit  because you cannot start  the new chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Whenever you think that it’s the end then remind yourself that-

END is not the end in fact end stands for,

                             EFFORTS NEVER DIE and if you ever get a NO

                            Remember it stands for NEW  OPPORTUNITIES. 

 So, never give up because winners never quit and quitters never win. Never think of what others think or say they are no one to tell you what you have to do  just have goals so big that you feel ashamed of telling small minded people because your limitations are only till you. 
   You are a star and  Stars can’t shine without darkness, they shine the brightest when nights are the darkest. 

                                         IMAGINE,   with all your mind

                                                             BELIEVE,  with all your heart 

                                         ACHIEVE,   with all your might.




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